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Alessandro Pozzer

Alessandro Pozzer

London SE18 6GJ, UK
Ujjayanta Bhaumik

Ujjayanta Bhaumik

Stratford, London, UK
Alexandrina Rus

Alexandrina Rus

Manchester, UK
Divyashree Nageswaran

Divyashree Nageswaran

Peterborough, UK
Craig Nicholson

Craig Nicholson

Doncaster, UK
Daniel Bland

Daniel Bland

Stoke Newington, London, UK

Why OpenTennis?

We love tennis, and we want to make it more popular and affordable.

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Our goal is to provide accessible and affordable system for active tennis players with everything real player needs.

  • Build community
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We are building the ecosystem in which you will find complete offer for tennis players.

We want tennis to be more affordable and easier to start.
We are working to build global and local community that help to achieve all the goals.

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